Winners announced for Missouri Microbusiness License Accelerator Program by BeLeaf and Harvest 360

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Winners announced for Missouri Microbusiness License Accelerator Program by BeLeaf and Harvest 360

Final six teams presented during successful Microbusiness License Opportunity Info Session that was open to the public on July 18

Through its BeLeaf in Equity philanthropic division, BeLeaf Medical announced the final six teams selected to participate in the Missouri Microbusiness License Accelerator Program with Harvest 360. The news was made during an information session hosted by BeLeaf Medical, Harvest 360, We Are Jaine and Teal Cannabis on July 18. The final teams will benefit from the cannabis educational and licensing initiative in their effort to apply for the upcoming microbusiness licensing lottery by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

The winning teams include Tammika Hubbard, Christy Essex and Sarah Maxwell, and Brennan England in the dispensary category; and, Ryan Foster, Omar Khalil, and Amy Yan in wholesale.

“We are thrilled to have received such a tremendous interest in the Missouri Microbusiness License Accelerator Program,” said BeLeaf CEO Jason Nelson. “The final teams were selected based on a number of factors including the location of the proposed project, whether the interested team currently holds a cannabis business license, net worth and annual income parameters, as well as other identifiers as outlined by DHSS. We look forward to the opportunity to help these startups in the application process.”

Amy Yan of Greener Grass stands with Beleaf CEO Jason Nelson and Harvest 360 CEO Todd Scattini

The DHSS will accept applications for the microbusiness opportunity from July 27 to August 10. In October, the DHSS will issue six microbusiness licenses in each of the eight Missouri congressional districts, for a total of 48 microbusiness licenses. Of the six in each district, two will be microbusiness dispensaries, and four will be wholesale facilities.

The invaluable accelerator program is designed by Harvest 360, one of the most trusted and authoritative cannabis consulting companies using experience-based solutions to guide teams through their application development. The six teams will receive comprehensive services from the team of professionals at Harvest 360, coaching and mentoring, and financial support for associated fees.

“Between now and the deadline to submit the applications, we will work hard toward positioning the participants in the best way possible,” explained Sebastian Nassau, president of Harvest 360. “This is an authentic and genuine effort supported by leaders in the cannabis industry who understand the importance of elevating communities that have been impacted by cannabis prohibition.”

Harvest 360 CEO Todd Scattini is joined by Beleaf CEO Jason Nelson and Microbusiness License Accelerator Program winner Tammika Hubbard.

According to the DHSS, microbusinesses are marijuana facility licenses issued only to eligible entities and individuals, and are designed to allow marginalized or underrepresented individuals to participate in the legal marijuana market. To learn more about the accelerator program, visit

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