Statement from BLDV Chairman – Todd Scattini

March 30th, 2020

Dear Shareholders and interested parties:

I would like to take the time to explain the BLDV / Harvest 360 response to COVID-19 and the effect that we expect to see on our business, the marketplace overall, and the greater communities that we live in. 

Nearly one year ago when the proposed Harvest 360 merger with BLDV was announced, we had already begun to pivot to testing facilities and transport as our core involvements in the cannabis marketplace.  Today we find ourselves with little or no detrimental effect directly on our projects and goals. Our partnership with the newly licensed Green Orchard Labs project in Missouri and our collaboration on CBD testing with the government of Puerto Rico are being accelerated in the face of increased emphasis on delivery and testing requirements. Investors are excited by the projects we have in play and we expect to meet our funding goals for H360 Labs and the  partnership with goPronto under the direction of our new CFO, Christopher Myers. 

BLDV has come together under the stress of the marketplace due to the choices made in development, experience of our team in military training and that operations, define our efforts. However not all businesses are as well prepared. The governors of the USA have announced and supported Hemp & Cannabis as essential industries in this time of recovery, and BLDV / H360 are uniquely positioned to assist in these times. 

In an effort to help the community at large I am committing to leverage my own personal international contacts, developed during 27 years in military service, and the resources of the extensive network of Harvest 360 Technologies LLC. We will provide a portal to the restorative properties of hemp and healing properties of cannabis to major efforts around the world, starting with assistance in the global logistics coordination of PPE, medicine and equipment required to combat the virus. 

I want to thank our shareholders that showed tremendous patience during the restructuring of Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. and Harvest 360 Technologies LLC, and assure them that the valuable work we will do with international non profit organizations will enhance our revenue creating activities and lead to continued success for the companies. 

Wishing the best to all during this time of need.

Todd Scattini

Chairman of the Board – Blue Diamond Ventures Inc.  (BLDV: OTC Link)

Global CEO Harvest 360 Technologies LLC