The Harvest 360 team and associates brings a combined 125 years of high level business, scientific, agricultural, and production expertise. This is backed by years of field studies in cultivation, expert general agricultural knowledge, finance, marketing, and sales providing the capacity for expert vertical analysis and management.

We offer consulting and advising services for:

  • Business Licensing and Applications
  • Cultivation
  • Extraction and Processing
  • Infused Product Manufacturing
  • Dispensary Retail
  • Hemp Farming and Processing
  • Testing
  • Transport
  • Ancillary Products and Services

Business Development

From conceptualization to scale, we work with teams around the world to help plan for growth by optimizing efficiencies, seizing opportunities, and avoiding costly mistakes.

  • Market and Gap Analysis
  • Investment, Exit, Merger, & Acquisition Strategies
  • Corporate Due Diligence and Analysis
  • Business Management
  • Strategic Partnerships and Introductions
  • Government Relations and communications
  • Facility Design and Engineering
  • Compliance Management and Auditing
  • SOP and Employee Handbooks

New Market Penetration

Looking to expand your footprint into other regulated states or countries? We can help guide that process by identifying opportunities for market entry and creating a roadmap.

  • International Logistics and Supply Chain Manangement
  • Brand and IP Distribution

Harvest 360 Accelerator OFFERINGS

Accelerating Technologies and brands in the cannabis industry

Harvest 360 seeks to propel talented inventors and innovative brands to a global theater. Our approach includes a thorough analysis, disruptive business planning, market penetration, and exits. 

Intellectual Property Protection and management services

Harvest 360 works with inventors and brand operators to identify innovations and brand elements that can be protected by patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.  Once IP is protected, we work closely with our legal partners to develop licensing and royalty packages that can be distributed internationally. Harvest 360 leverages its global footprint, on behalf of our clients, to help identify potential partnership and licensing opportunities in a secure and fair manner.  

Areas of expertise

  • Analytical Testing and Mobile Testing  
  • Transportation
  • Extraction 
  • Cultivation
  • Hospitality
  • Product Development 
  • Research and Development