Interested in the weed biz in NJ? Here’s an event you must attend.

by NJ 101.5 Judi Franco | Published: July 13, 2021

If you weren’t already thrilled enough about the legalization of cannabis in New Jersey, there’s even more to be excited about.

For anyone interested in all things relating to the cannabis industry, the perfect event is coming up for you. July 29th, a NJ cannabis business meetup will be taking place at the Asbury Hotel and tickets can be purchased by anyone.

The event will be dedicated to networking as well as several speeches from some of the top contributors in the industry.

Some of these partners include:

Hance Construction, which is building one of the first cannabis grow facilities in New Jersey

Supreme Security Alarms, one of the leading businesses in custom security space

Harvest 360, a cannabis consulting company that works with communities impacted by The War on Drugs

Longview Strategic, which gives insight to clients on licensing opportunities and development

Shore Grow, which is a major supplier to commercial farmers

If you are interested in anything related to the future of cannabis, this event will be well worth your time. Tickets for the event allow you to watch all of the esteemed panelists as well as enjoy plenty of food and refreshment.

This is the first in-person networking event related to cannabis since the beginning of the pandemic, and as cannabis is newly legal in New Jersey, people have questions.

This event will be sure to answer any questions related to the accessibility of cannabis across the state of New Jersey and also give insight to those who are looking to become involved with the business side of things.

More information is available here.