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$250 Exhibit Review Report
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$250 Exhibit Review Report
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$250 Exhibit Review Report
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Our report contains checks for all of the application, rule and law citations by the State of Illinois Adult Use Dispensary License Application.  Our report currently ONLY supports the following ILLINOIS dispensary application exhibits:

The cost for the score report is $250 per exhibit.


  • Exhibit-D: Agent Training And Education Plan
  • Exhibit-E: Purchaser Education Plan
  • Exhibit-F: Business Plan
  • Exhibit-G: Recall, Quarantine, And Destruction Plans
  • Exhibit-H: Security Plan
  • Exhibit-I: Inventory, Monitoring, And Recordkeeping Plans
  • Exhibit-J: Floorplan
  • Exhibit-K: Operating Plan

Your Report Includes:

The report, available for all of the exhibits listed above, uses all the information available in the original license application instructions, all Q&A sessions, and the criteria checklists provided by the IDFPR. Our proprietary system scans every word in your exhibit, performing an analysis against every known exhibit requirement. The resulting report contains the following information:

  • Criteria included in the Illinois Adult Use Cannabis Dispensary License Application.
  • Statutory references disclosed by the IDFPR.
  • Q&A information provided by the IDFPR.

For each requirement, the report outlines:

  • Whether or not each requirement was met.
  • Missing references.
  • CHT scores for each requirement.
  • An overall CHT score.

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Your report will be available within 24 hours of upload.