Harvest 360 & Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. Announce Completion of Merger

Denver, Colorado–(Newsfile Corp. – September 18, 2019) – Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. (OTC Pink: BLDV)

When Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. (BLDV) pivoted into the Cannabis BioTech space in December 2017, the goal was to build a world class team that could make an impact in the medical cannabis world. Well BLDV has done just that. Harvest 360 Technologies LLC (H360) based out of Colorado is now a wholly owned subsidiary of BLDV and the core team that has been assembled at H360 rivals that of any cannabis company in the industry.

  • Todd Scattini – Global CEO
  • David Serrano – Chief Operations Officer
  • Sebastian Nassau – Chief Business Officer
  • Vashon Ferguson – Director of Operation
  • Joshua Alper – Executive V.P.
  • Clement Hayes – General Counsel (Block45 Legal)

“The shareholders have been waiting for some time, but their patience has paid off and the merger between BLDV and Harvest 360 is done,” said Josh Alper CEO of BLDV, “The new Board of Directors at BLDV adds Todd Scattini and Sebastian Nassau, also as voting, Class A preferred shareholders”.

Now that the merger is done, the activity and revenue can start to be reported.

“The combined group is one of the best application writing teams in the industry,” continued Mr. Alper, “Recently in Missouri we were involved in 15 applications that produced a revenue of over $250K that will be reported in the 3rd Quarter numbers, but it doesn’t stop there, in select applications we were able to give a significant advantage by leveraging IP owned and controlled by H360.”

SimsRay Holding LLC, of St Louis was specified with a similar package to the winning effort in Virginia, that includes the Grownetics analytical growing system, and a GAP Certified Cannabis Farm solution from Cann10 in Israel. SimsRay applied for a cultivation license with 100% minority ownership, 65% women ownership, and 30% ownership by disabled veterans, H360 continues to focus on supporting veterans and finding ways to put real people into the cannabis space.

“The multi-state operators dominate the business” said Todd Scattini, Global CEO for H360 “our goal is to use the IP and Patents held by H360 to drive ethical success in the cannabis industry, and use that success to bring relief to veterans on multiple levels”

Mr. Scattini has been busy. Just two weeks ago he was granted a patent pending on “The Athena Protocol” a method of using non-impairing cannabinoid formulations to treat traumatic brain injury on the battlefield as well as an ongoing protocol to minimize PTSD symptoms and other nervous system disorders in veterans following return from battle and service. Mr. Scattini, as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, has seen the effects of war firsthand and was driven to dedicate his career outside the military to bring cannabis medicine that drives results to veterans.

At Green Orchard Labs, a proposed Testing Lab in Missouri, The Athena Protocol may play a role in the research portion of the lab, and the H360 Patent “Dots in a Box” will be used to help H360 develop specific treatments under the Athena and Cavalry Cannabis banners.

Cavalry Cannabis has been the dream of the H360 team for some time, the program consists of two types of products. The first are products that will generate the funds to improve veterans’ lives and support research, and the second are products that will be developed from the research. H360 has already secured significant shelf space and production commitments from multiple applicants in the Missouri program, and has begun to develop a supply network with the 192 dispensaries, 83 processors and 60 growers that will make up the Missouri market. “Missouri will be the home of the Cavalry Cannabis brand” continued Scattini “Our research partnerships in Missouri will help us build a national brand based on science and patient outcomes”

In a recent interview Josh Alper was asked, “with all the potential in BLDV through H360, why was this effort put into the pink sheets” the answer is summarized as follows. “While it is true, that if we started today, perhaps the OTC markets would not have been our first choice, however when I first began working with the previous management of BLDV in January of 2015, the cannabis world was different, and mainstream companies were not yet willing to risk entry into the market. I would like to thank our shareholders for their patience and since I have been CEO, I have promised to respect the shareholders by not settling for anything less than a full merger that would fully protect and improve the current share structure while working within the constraints of the cannabis industry. I believe we have achieved this with the H360 merger”

This week in Chicago, at the Cannabis Industrial Marketplace, The H360 team will engage with the new programs being implemented by the State of Illinois. David Serrano, COO and Chief Equity Officer for H360 will lead a panel on the implications of the Social Justice and Equity Programs in Illinois, and the cannabis license application process in that state. H360 will have a major presence at the show and will host, ICS Consulting LLC, Surna, Grownetics, HTBX, 2Point Perspective, Thrive AgriTech, and Sentinel Defense as affiliates in booth 626.

About BLDV & Harvest 360 Technologies LLC

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. and their wholly owned subsidiaries seek to partner with individuals and companies that share a common synergy, mission and vision to enable products/services that are produced ethically, delivered and consumed responsibility, while utilizing fewer natural resources and providing a sustainable alternative to traditional methods in the market today. As a diversified customer centric Management / Holding Company; Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. seeks opportunities in Medical Cannabis & CBD markets and is driven by critical thinking and the scientific method.

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