Dare to SERVE

Todd Scattini – Founder/CEO – Harvest 360 Technologies

Todd graduated from West Point and served 27 years in the U.S. Army – during which he was subjected to regular drug tests.

While stationed for duty in Afghanistan, however, Todd discovered and became fascinated with the cannabis plant, and made the recommendation to his commanding officers that the country could transition to a hemp-focused economy.

“I thought the recommendation followed suit to their strengths,” Todd says. “Since hemp was an industrial product widely legal across the globe and could provide food, fuel, fiber, building material and medicine, it was ideal for the Afghans.”

Todd’s colleagues disparaged his idea, but his newfound passion for cannabis wouldn’t be denied.

“I was committed to legalizing cannabis in Missouri where I live, but also focused on ensuring that veterans would have access to medical cannabis,” he adds.

Todd retired from the Army to team up with other veterans and launch a consulting firm aimed at helping aspiring entrepreneurs – namely racial minorities, women and disabled veterans – apply for and obtain cannabis business licenses.

“I sacrificed future ranks and positions just to get out of the Army to be able to openly discuss cannabis as an option for veterans to use to treat PTSD and chronic pain,” Todd adds.

Today, Todd and his team remain committed to driving the cannabis industry forward and helping to resolve the problems created by prohibition.

“I love seeing the new people flocking to the industry and we love to engage with our long-time friends and partners,” Todd says of returning to MJBizCon each year. “We take the opportunity to identify and bring into our eco-system [of] new technologies that can help the industry be more exemplary, more sustainable, safer and much better than anyone ever imagined.”