Business Development and Operational Planning

If you have been a licensed cannabis operator that has achieved some level of success in an existing market, it may be time to consider expanding into another state or country. Taking this step requires intensive planning and preparations, and even the most capable businesses may find their bandwidth, understanding, or resources limited when determining how they will achieve results.

Harvest 360 has helped brands and operators expand their footprint into new markets by either securing licenses and launching operations directly or through brand licensing partnerships. Contact us to discuss your expansion plans, and we may be able to assist.

A brief overview of your company that summarizes critical information regarding your company and upcoming short-term and long-term goals.

Brief presentation that gives potential investors or clients an overview of your business plan, products, services, and traction.

Thorough assessment of the market within the cannabis industry that you will be entering. This will answer questions such as: (1) Who are my potential customers? (2) What are my customers’ buying habits? (3) How large is my target market? (4) Who are my main competitors? (5) What are my competitors’ strengths and weaknesses?

A comparison of the current state versus the ideal state of your business, highlighting shortcomings and opportunities for improvement.

Assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as part of a broader risk profile.

A plan covering where you intend to locate, accounting for zoning and compliance.

A breakdown of the management team, staff, resources, and how your business ownership is structured. This assesses how current people will account to the bottom line, along with necessary additions to address critical personnel gaps.

The number and types of employees needed for you to accomplish your organization’s goals, and how staffing needs will be fulfilled over time.

Details the daily and ongoing operations of the business including roles and responsibilities, timelines, and scope of work.

Policies, practices, and processes to ensure that customers will buy the product.

The way you will promote your products and services in a manner that highlights your brand as a whole, while allocating resources where they will drive the highest return.

Set of guidelines and procedures meant to maintain organization-wide adherence to laws, regulations, industry standards, and other rules.

Financial planning with Pro Forma including short and long term capital and operational expenditures.

Our consulting services are flexible to individual client needs, and can be either hourly or flat fee. We also offer management services for those that want more extensive day-to-day support.