A Cannabis Start-Up Services Success Story: From License Denied to Mass Distribution

Boone Labs: a Cannabis Start-up Services Success Story

Boone Labs, a Michigan-based adult-use and medical cannabis processor, faced a pivotal moment when denied a license in Illinois. Determined to break into the cannabis industry, they turned to Harvest 360 for strategic guidance and cannabis start-up services.

The challenges were multifaceted, requiring a nuanced approach to licensing, compliance, and overall start-up processes. Boone Labs faced the daunting task of not only securing a license but also ensuring a seamless transition into the competitive cannabis market. Harvest 360’s multifaceted approach played a pivotal role in overcoming these challenges. 


Harvest 360’s Cannabis  Start-Up Services

Strategic Licensing Assistance:

With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the cannabis industry, Harvest 360 provided strategic guidance during the licensing process. Leveraging a comprehensive understanding of local regulations and industry dynamics, we navigated the complexities, paving the way for Boone Labs to secure a coveted processor license in Michigan.


Customized Cannabis Start-Up Services:

Recognizing that every cannabis venture is unique, Harvest 360 tailored start-up services to Boone Labs’ specific needs. This included the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all areas of business operations and administration. From crafting business plans to implementing operational frameworks, the team ensured that every aspect of the start-up process was aligned with Boone Labs’ goals and industry best practices.


Construction Consulting:

Harvest 360’s commitment to excellence extended to construction consulting, a critical aspect of establishing a cannabis processing facility. Meticulous attention was given to facility architecture, engineering, and construction coordination. This encompassed ensuring that the facility design met regulatory requirements, optimizing workflow efficiency, and overseeing the entire construction process. The result was a fully approved facility with no violations at inspection, setting a new standard for operational excellence.


Equipment Acquisition, Installation, and Implementation:

Harvest 360 took charge of coordinating the entire lifecycle of equipment, from acquisition to installation and implementation. This encompassed identifying the most suitable equipment for Boone Labs’ needs, overseeing the acquisition process, and ensuring seamless installation and integration into the operational workflow.


Network Utilization and Best Practices Application:

Drawing from an extensive network of cannabis ancillary providers and leveraging insights from successful ventures in other industries, Harvest 360 applied best practices to an otherwise chaotic start-up landscape. This strategic combination of industry-specific knowledge and cross-industry expertise allowed for the seamless implementation of sound principles, ensuring that Boone Labs was well-positioned for success.


Compliance Processes and Training Specific to Cannabis Start-Ups:

An integral part of Harvest 360’s approach was the development of compliance processes. The team not only created robust processes, but also conducted comprehensive training sessions for managers and employees. This ensured that regulatory compliance was ingrained in every aspect of Boone Labs’ operations, fostering a culture of adherence to industry regulations.


Exclusive Partnership with Kush Master Live Rosin:

By leveraging Harvest 360’s network in the industry, Boone Labs landed an exclusive partnership with Kush Master Live Rosin from Boulder, CO. Our team helped them navigate the deal, capturing a strategic alliance that elevated Boone Labs’ product offerings and positioned them as a key player in the cannabis market. 


Supplying Products to Over 100 Dispensaries:

Boone Labs’ success expanded beyond partnerships. With Harvest 360’s support, they seamlessly transitioned from a start-up to a key supplier, reaching over 100 dispensaries. This widespread distribution marked a significant milestone, showcasing the scalability and market reach achieved through strategic collaboration.


Meticulous Facility Approval with Zero Violations:

Harvest 360’s commitment to excellence was evident in the meticulous oversight that led to a fully approved facility with zero violations. The emphasis on compliance, development of SOPs, and rigorous adherence to regulatory standards ensured Boone Labs’ operations exceeded industry requirements.


Key Achievements Revisited

  • Successfully acquired a processor license in Michigan.
  • Achieved a fully approved facility with no violations, showcasing Harvest 360’s emphasis on compliance.
  • Landed an exclusive manufacturing partnership with Kush Master Live Rosin, elevating Boone Labs’ market position.
  • Expanded to supplying products to over 100 dispensaries, highlighting scalability and market reach.


Boone Labs’ journey serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative impact of Harvest 360’s cannabis start-up services. Our meticulous approach towards operational excellence has overcome challenges unique to the cannabis industry and set new standards for success.

As the cannabis industry evolves, Harvest 360’s commitment to excellence continues to shape success stories. Boone Labs’ journey exemplifies how strategic planning, unwavering commitment to compliance, and impactful partnerships can turn ambitious dreams into thriving realities.

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