Accelerator Development


Harvest 360 has delivered cannabis educational and licensing accelerators in multiple states over the last four years.  We have worked with the following types of businesses to deliver these programs:

  • Established operators and MSO’s (multi-state-operators)
  • Technology and Software Providers
  • Equipment Providers
  • Service Providers

Why should your brand consider working with Harvest 360 to form an accelerator?

The answer to this question depends on your goals. If you have a product or service that appeals to licensed cannabis operators, then it can be less expensive and more fruitful to appeal to future operators while they are still in their phases of planning and preparations. 

  • By offering assistance during these crucial stages of development, there is an opportunity to drive value and embed valuable products or solutions into the business decisions of tomorrow’s license holders in the market you want to impact.

What can Harvest 360 do?

Harvest 360 can: 

  • Develop all of the accelerator program materials and online presence
  • Qualify businesses with the highest probability of success
  • Guide those businesses through planning and execution of licensing applications and preparing for operations
  • Help integrate you into the business decisions of participants all the way through this process

Would you like to explore your options to develop an Accelerator?