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Harvest 360 strives to be an exemplary company characterized by grit and dogged determination to create positive change in our society and on our planet through all of our endeavors.

Our team is comprised of veterans and social entrepreneurs who believe that a company’s success should not be measured solely by the revenue it generates, but by the positive impact that it can make in communities and in people. Because we come from varying professional, societal, and generational backgrounds, we have a broad view of the world and focus closely on the development of the cannabis industry. We have never sought to emulate other companies in the way we operate. We seek to set the example for others to follow.

Compassionate generosity is the touchstone of our team’s experienced, diverse, and multilingual team. We are trustworthy, compassionate, culture-driven, innovators and leaders who are passionate about cannabis, the industry, the people and the plant that we serve.

While others are content to watch the future of the cannabis industry unfold, Harvest 360 intends to be the driver of innovation and help shape history.


Harvest 360 provides consulting services that bring technologically advanced, experience-based solutions to the cannabis industry in order to facilitate increasingly more sustainable and efficient operations, create a framework for Research & Development, and contribute meaningfully to the cannabis industry of the future.

Vision (true north)

Harvest 360 endeavors to be the most trusted and authoritative cannabis consulting company in the United States known for having its finger on the pulse of the global cannabis industry. Harvest 360 shall provide the most advanced technology and experience-based solutions to facilitate research and development and sustainable operations to industry leaders, researchers, and governments at all levels.


The values of our company help define HOW we achieve our mission. It is imperative that we each embody these values and genuinely exemplify them in our day to day operations, and express them through our inward and outward communications.

Compassion and Generosity

These two values represent a thread that runs throughout the company


Maintain dogged tenacity in the pursuit of our mission. Grit is the combination of courage and perseverance applied in the face of great obstacles


Our company conducts itself in a manner that is transparent and beyond reproach.


We are committed to being a valued and exemplary part of the cannabis community shepherding it into the future

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Academic and Scientific Curiosity

Necessary to understand the cannabis plant, improve patient outcomes, and improve the industry


Our wide geographic spread and multi-talented team make us effective and able to rapidly respond to change


We are activists, patients, and professionals who believe everyone deserves access to cannabis

Inspiring Excellence

We set the example and the standard for others to follow

The Athena Protocol

Harvest 360 is committed to solutions that benefit the whole community