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Harvest 360 is a high performance consulting firm that has a track record of success in assisting people secure licenses, become operationally viable, and expand existing businesses in the cannabis industry. The professional services we provide to the cannabis industry are proven and experience-based.


Harvest 360 provides consulting services that bring technologically advanced, experience-based solutions to the cannabis industry in order to facilitate increasingly more sustainable and efficient operations, while contributing meaningfully to the cannabis industry of the future.


The values of our company help define HOW we achieve our mission. We embody these values and genuinely exemplify them in our day to day operations, and all of our client interactions.

Compassion and Generosity

These two values represent a thread that runs throughout the company


Maintain dogged tenacity in the pursuit of our mission. Grit is the combination of courage and perseverance applied in the face of great obstacles


Conducting ourselves in a manner that is transparent and beyond reproach


We are committed to being a valued and exemplary part of the cannabis community shepherding it into the future

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Academic and Scientific Curiosity

Necessary to understand the cannabis plant, improve patient outcomes, and improve the industry


Our presence across multiple geographies and the multi-talented nature of our team make us effective and able to rapidly respond to change


We are activists, patients, and professionals who believe everyone deserves access to cannabis

Inspiring Excellence

Setting the example and the standard for others to follow